Pavan’s works are an investigation about the self; journeys undertaken through various terrains, both as a traveler through various cities and also within himself. During these travels and discoveries, Pavan often withdrew from his surroundings, as if caged in and viewing the world on the outside, almost cynically and without being overpowered by situations and circumstances.

He feels this introspection also reflects the contemporary social conditions of alienation. Modernity due to its stress on material progress and achievements has removed meaning from existence and that humans are ‘beings’ without ‘essence’. Thus, there is a complete absence of human beings, including himself, in his paintings. The only suggestion of the self is the position that he offers to the viewer, placing them as himself, going through the same predicament as his.

Though Pavan have been settling and re-settling in various places, a certain sense of commonness about the situation is found and he tries to reflect upon these in his works. The places or monuments in his works may refer to recognizable and popular sites. But he uses them only as reference signs to bring about certain experiences and specific instants. The architecture and the cityscapes can also be seen as enclosures bounding the self without allowing its social interaction. In that way they are disciplinary mechanisms in play within the picture frame. Also the dark colors and layered textures try to bring about the gloomy and covered intermingling of situations and emotions. They are shown in such a way that one always sees the scene with some obstructions or screens and compares them to daily situations and people. M.Pavan Kumar was born in Andhra Pradesh in 1981. After completing his Bachelors in Fine Art from Vishakapatnam (2004), he pursued his Masters in Fine Art at the Bangalore University (2007). Since then, Pavan has had a solo exhibition titled ‘Urban Existence’ at Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore (2007). His selected group shows include To Japan from Baroda (2011), Take 2: The Annual Harvest Exhibition, New Delhi (2011), Group Show of Contemporary Young Artists, Baroda (2010), On Paper, Kolkatta (2009), Fragmented Translations, Chennai (2007), 49th Annual All India Art Exhibition, New Delhi (2006) and Intentions, Baroda (2006).

A solo show of recent works by

M.Pavan Kumar

Venue – Gallery Ragini, Baroda, Gujarat.

Date- 13th October to 23rd October 2011

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