Alok Bal studid fine arts at the faculty of fine arts, M.S. University, baroda. At the onset of his career one could see that bal was very much influenced by the british pop-artist and their american counterparts, but since then he has found an idiom that is very much his own, bal’s works represent man’s innate instinct to dominate nature, for instance man’s desire to trim trees to look like lollipops, planting flowering shrubs around fountains.bal use irony and skill to express his fascination and disillusionment with life in a metropolis. The metaphorical usage of serene colors, the flying dainty figures, the scratches, the realistically done attributes are all like motifs stiched together with excellent skill and obviousity of his inner urges. The play of colors and juxtaposed frames of alluring images are themselves praying the viewer quite dramatically to take a voyage in the intrinsic avenues beyond the surface. The fore ground in alok’s painting always obstructs the viewer with lyrical sophistication. But once the mid or the back ground is transpassed it takes him into the imprudent world of show up and insecurities of self existence. The materialistic world, the world which is illicit, asinine, harlequin. Where human being carries themselves as effigies of egotism and voyeurism.this vicious world which is overlooked by most of us eloquently portrayed by these vigorous artist. The world is shown not casted out of emotive feelings, emotion is a nostalgia here.

Alok Bal, Game (missing soil), 67.2×67.2 inches,( diptych) acrylic, emulsion and sticker on canvas, 2011