In the present project curated by the India Art Fair 2013, Gallery Ragini, New Delhi has six artists namely, Rashmimala, Saptarshi Das, Ravi Gossain, Dhanur Goyal, Vishakha Apte and Tanya Gill, who though working from different parts of India, recognize the need for highlighting the aspect of “becoming”. They draw their creative spirit from the mundane things around them without involving too much into the larger political and social strife that cause such an inward looking. They may be turned to their own spirits for sustenance, however this should not be a reason for categorizing them as romantics who want to run away from the pressing daily realities. On the contrary, they look at the minute facets of daily lives, which mindless people generally avoid to see or experience in order to articulate the idea of social inkages between organic and inorganic matters.

A closer look at the works of these artists reveal their affinity towards their ability to become more and more human with which they could look at the simpler things in life, which could be termed as a spiritual connectivity. A series of pertinent questions arises here: How do these artists translate the contemporary faithlessness and anarchy into the depiction of smaller or insignificant objects through ordinary mediums and established styles? How do they fold themselves into the crux of matters so that they could unfold the larger truths of becoming? Is it a sort of avoidance of the larger issues by taking an ant’s point of view of things? or does the connectivity with the spirit of the matters help them to interpret the effects of contemporary socio-political and economic realities in a subtle way? Do they propose a change or a solution?

VENUE: NSIC Exhibition Grounds,
Okhla Industrial Estate,
New Delhi – 110020

DATE: 30th January to 3rd February 2013

Dhanur Goyal, Losing Sight of Perspective 31, Pen & Ink on paper, 60 x 36 inches

Dhanur Goyal, Losing Sight of Perspective 37, Pen & Ink on paper, 60×36 inches

Ravi Gossain, Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 9×6 feet

Saptarshi Das, My Grain (Reminder), Rice & Kala jira encapsulated with resin on plywood, 48 inch diameter, 2012

Vishakha Apte, Untitled, Oil & Paper on Canvas, 32×32 inches, 2012

Vishakha Apte, Untitled, Oil & Paper on Canvas, 36×36 inches, 2012