G R Iranna, The Wall Where I Used To Walk, Acrylic on Tarpaulin, 45x66 Inches, 2019 Jagannath Panda, Unearth, Acrylic, Fabric , Glue on canvas, 76x60 Inches, 2019 Pooja Iranna, Untitled, Acrylic and Adhedive on Canvas, 36x48 Inches (each) T. Vaikuntam, Acrylic on canvas, 24x36 Inches, 2014 Akbar Padamsee, Water Colour on Paper, 21.75 x 14.5 Inches, 2005 K G Subramanyan, Gouche on board, 23x23 Inches, 2006 M F Husain, Water Colour on Paper, 26x20 Inches(Mother Teressa Series), 2006