Seema Kohli recalls her first encounter with the goddess at the tender age of nine. Raised within a rationalist family, Kohli was brought up without religious teachings or iconography at home. At that young age, she recounts being drawn to a small idol of Durga, the intimidating warrior goddess depicted with eight arms, who travels on the back of a tiger fighting oppressive forces. As a girl, she stood inspired by the iconography of a woman with power, claiming her space in the world around her, a figure in direct contrast to the helplessness she felt growing up. The powerful image of the goddess has since then stayed with Kohli and become the energy that manifests in her rigorous artistic practice and ways of living. Over the years this shakti or feminine energy has appeared in multiple forms in her work. The Golden Womb, a series that arches over a majority of the artist’s oeuvre highlights the multiple roles of the Goddess, as creator, protector, destroyer, and caregiver. In this new body of work, Kohli excavates another form of the goddess, as a community of agents that propels the nexus of correspondence between human and non-human life forms.

Shaunak Mahbubani

VENUE: The Garden Amphitheater, Sunder Nursery
Opposite Humayun Tomb,
Nizamuddin – 110013

DATE: 16th November 2019 – 16th February 2020

Seema Kohli, Kalika, Gambhari Wood, 126x114x56 Inches, 2019

Seema Kohli, Sohamsa, Bronze Sculpture, 48x51x60 Inches. 2019

Seema Kohli, Nagabandha, Bronze Sculpture, 4x4x1.5 Inches, 2019

Seema Kohli, Riding the waves of wind and water,Bronze Sculpture, 40x32x25 Inches, 2018

Seema Kohli,  Rising of Kundalini II, Bronze Sculpture, 45x25x17 Inches, 2019

Seema Kohli, Tree of Life, Bronze Sculpture, 48x24x24 Inches, 2019

Seema Kohli, Shaheen, Bronze Sculpture, 18x15x10 Inches, 2014

Seema Kohli, Chausath Yogini, sandstone sculpture, variable sizes, 2017-18

Seema Kohli, Chausath Yogini II, Zinc Plates, 5 inch diameter(each), 2013