Born in 1968 in Zawiercie, Poland, he is currently living and working in Zabrze, Poland. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, in the Department of the Graphics in Katowice. The diploma received in 1993.Working at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, conducting the sculpture studio, He also taught at universities abroad in Finland, USA and Czech Republic.

In 2013 created artistic group SNOW ART POLAND, artists creating sculptures in snow.
Tomasz Koclęga’s art has always been focused on human nature with its desires, emotions, capabilities and dreams. This fascination delineates the area of his creative activities, expressed mostly with figurative sculpture. His perfected sense of form enables viewers to explore and discover the truth about man.

Koclęga has presented his works in public space on numerous exhibitions in USA, Japan, China, Great Britain, France, Russia, Belgium, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Austria, Finland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and many Polish cities. He has won numerous awards at the biggest and most prestigious snow sculptures contests in China, Japan, Russia and Poland. He has sculptures permanently installed in the USA, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Poland. The newest, monumental bronze sculpture, in a year 2020, will be permamently install in New Delhi, India.


Tomasz Koclega, Esse Laborem,bronze,stone,gold,(each stone different), 14x10x16 Inches, 2019

Tomasz Koclega, Lapis Infernalis,Bronze,stone,gold(each stone different), 50x50x22,2018

Tomasz Koclega, Onus Avarita, bronze,stone,gold,(each stone different), 9x6x6 Inches

Tomasz Koclega, Tenetus Bonum,bronze,stone,tiger’s eye,17x10x9 Inches, 2019