Ravinder Dutt was born in Delhi and is self taught. A student of History and hailing from a management background which he finally gave up for the love of art as painting has been an inseparable part of his life. Experimenting with different mediums to express his thoughts has always been a passion for him; starting with water colors, oils and acrylics – mixed media, digital and installation is what his forte is. As an artist he feels he is always evolving and considers change as the only constant. His visual art practice is greatly inspired by his deep interest in history, culture both tangible and intangible, archaeology, museums, theories of reincarnation, memories of the past, stories and experiences lived by him and his progenitors, absorptions of conscious and subconscious mind and is an attempt to de-code mysteries of the DNA which holds the vast data spread across generations of an individual. His works also emanate from acquiring an object and rebuilding stories around it. His work is nostalgic in nature and contemporizes the institutions and essence of the Mughal Empire and British Raj which once existed. It is also at times a satire on the society though coated in the grandeur of the era. The love for the city of Delhi and its monuments can be seen in works and is a tribute to the culture of the subcontinent. His works also try to find answers whether we all are recycled as living beings.

Alexander II, Archival Print on Canvas, 60×56 Inches, 2018

Seamless, Archival Print on Canvas, 41 X41 Inches

Sound of Music, Archival Print on Canvas, 60 X 44 inches

Rotations Reversed, Archival print on canvas, 32×49 Inches

The Eternal Quest, Archival print on canvas,32×51 inches

Swirl, Archival print on Canvas, 33×44 Inches

Folklore, Archival Print on Canvas, 33×35 Inches

Bird Cage, Archival Print on Canvas, 32×51 inches

Homecoming, Archival Print on Canvas, 23×51 inches

The Great Black Erection, Archival print on canvas, 27×43 inches

Timeless, Archival print on canvas, 21×40 inches

Memoirs of travelling DNA, Archival Print on Canvas, 18×90 inches

Impressions, Archival Print on Canvas, Diptych 35×68 inches

Impressions, Archival Print on Canvas, Diptych 35×68 inches

The Prescient Soverign, Archival Print on Canvas, 36×56 inches

The Ceaseless Confidant, Archival print on canvas, 26×20 inches

The opulent carriage, Archival print on canvas, 45×34 inches

Zeno souq,Archival print on canvas, 36×56 inches

The ultimate pilgrimage, Archival print on canvas, 20×114 inches