Cathy Lane works primarily in sound, combining oral history, archival recordings, spoken word and environmental recordings to investigate histories, environments, our collective and individual memories and the forces that shape them. She is inspired by places or themes which are rooted in every day experience and particularly interested in ‘hidden histories’ and historical amnesia and how this can be investigated from a feminist perspective through the medium of composed sound. She has exhibited and presented her work all over the world – most recently in Orenhoch Gallery, Berlin; Sound Reasons Festival, Delhi, India; Helicotrema Festival, Italy; Beirut Art Centre, Lebanon; Sound Forms Festival, Hong Kong; Sonologia, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Museum & Tasglann nan Eilean, Outer Hebrides, Scotland; Sound Acts, Athens, Greece; Sound Art Matters, Aarhus, Denmark; and Dramaturgie Sonore, Quebec, Canada.

Her CD The Hebrides Suite (2013) is a series of compositions resulting from a long term sonic investigations of the Western Isles of Scotland. Books include Playing with Words: The Spoken Word in Artistic Practice (RGAP, 2008) an anthology of works from forty contemporary sound artists and composers who use words as their material and inspiration. In the Field (Uniformbooks, 2013), a collection of interviews with artists who use field recording and On Listening (2013) a collection of essays investigating listening from multi-disciplinary perspectives, both in collaboration with Angus Carlyle.

Cathy Lane is a Professor of Sound Art at University of the Arts London and Director of CRiSAP (Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice)

Cathy Lane, Coronation Street, Archival Print on Hahnemule Paper, 24×35.7 Inches

Cathy Lane, 1939 Register, Archival Print on Hahnemule Paper, 24×34 Inches

Cathy Lane, White Noise, Archival Print on Hahnemule Paper, 24×31.3 Inches