As designers our love for couture is apparent in our everyday lifestyle, as for us, fashion is a way of life. We started out together as a duo a decade ago and our first collection together were sarees. Till date, our deep desire to recreate the timeless drape in various contemporary avatars remains unchanged.

Textures, fabrics, Indian motifs have greatly inspired us as designers. We look at the saree as the epitome of femininity and earnestly hope that it will adorn our coming generations as well. For we believe that we are the repository of culture and it is our bounden duty to preserve and pass on our rich heritage, our culture, our textiles and most importantly our regional art to the next generation. Extending Metaphors is our endeavour to contemporise the saree and enthuse and inspire the coming generation to indulge in this timeless drape.

As designers it is our passion that the sari should remain an integral part of the Indian woman’s wardrobe. This conviction has led us on a fascinating journey where the saree’s uncluttered grace yet sensuous ripples has moved us and held its own in the world of contemporary fashion

A solo show of paintings by Alka Raghuvanshi

Fashion show by Nidhi-Vaishali Jain

Jewels by Opulence

Venue – Gallery Ragini, New Delhi

Date – 5 to 30 December 2009, 11:00 am to 7:00 pm