Studio Sessions is a series of videos by Gallery Ragini that focuses on artists’ work and practice, set in
their own spaces. Through each video, we document the journey of the artist, their process of creation,
the language of the work and the thought behind the work.

The series aims to engage people with not only the art created by the artists but also their conception,
development and creation – allowing viewers to learn from and inspire by the artist. Shot in the artists’
studio, it draws the viewer into the space created by the artist, a myriad of mediums and the treatment
of these mediums in its various stages.

For the gallery, this series is to help further our connect with artists; visiting their studios and interacting
with the artist as they move through their own space. We draw from the artists’ words and the work,
and the space to truly connect with what they want to communicate through their work and with them.

The video is shot as a sit-down interview interspersed with a voiceover that runs with clips of the studio
and the work process. The interview questions are broad and leave space for the artists to talk at length
on the journey to becoming an artist; influences and inspiration, and development of their distinct
language; the way they create works and play with different mediums; the thought behind the works
and the narrative they have created.

-Ragini J Jain