The show satirically brings forward an artist’s emotive sensibility by virtue of humour in art – an intentional pun, instigating laughter and compelling us to reflect on the emotion behind the comic visual.

Humour in art has always intrigued me as gallerist, to me any one who can create comedy, arouse laughter is always high on intellect level. Laughter is an essential stress busting emotion.

This show is design to bring out various aspects of depicting humor visually. The show includes painting by FARHAD HUSSAIN, RANGENDRA KAPSE, CHINTAN ZALAWRAYA, HRISHIKESH BISWAL, and DEBASHISH. Their are posters by a print making artists from Mumbai (BABITA KANHERE).Another highlight of the show are cartoons by senior cartoonist UNNY. Along side visual art there is a film by PARAG NATEKAR. The film is a mock tale based on bollywood.

The show is a riot of colour, the art works are retro in nature. There is a fair amount of freshness in the concept. Humour juxtaposed!!!!

Venue – Gallery Ragini, New Delhi

Date – 17th March to 7thApril 2010