With the aim of supporting emerging contemporary artists, a new initiative is taken by Gallery Ragini, titled Platform a monthly feature of hosting the artworks of one emerging artist every month. It is a year-long series of monthly shows by different artists. The entire programme has been conceptualized to provide a platform to those artists who are going to shape our future art market. It is like bringing these artists into limelight by providing an initial space for display.

There would be a display of about 6-8 works of the chosen artist in Choko La, where the sunlit room provides an apt environment for art accompanied by a relaxed cup of coffee. This concept of combining cafés with art is popular world over and with Platform we attempt to recreate the same combination in Delhi. However, this platform is not only limited to young emerging artists alone, instead works by those who started their career mid-life also gets a chance.

List of artists presented by the gallery-

  1. Suchit Sahni
  2. Rohit Sharma
  3. Sunando Majumdar
  4. Ravi Kant
  5. Harpreet Singh
  6. Laetitia & Paul
  7. Tripti Gupta