For Pramod, exploring the sculptural possibilities of the forms found in nature has always been his prime concern. The understanding that all creatures, all objects and all materials around us have histories and together it all forms a Great History is integral to his art practice. In nature, certain things appear; while certain other things disappear, like the decay of dead leaves and the sprouting of seeds. His sculptural installations are inspired by his observation of this emergence and disappearance at a microscopic level.

His art derives from nature and from his own personal surroundings these days, with nature becoming more and more human centric, all the other forms of life, objects and materials found in nature are deemed lesser in importance than human beings.  Therefore his works attempts to remind us of the value of nature, the importance of our personal environment, the forms of nature and the importance that we should accord to them.

Pramod G, three seeds, 3x 1 feet, mixed media on fibre glass

Pramod G,Green seed , 1.10 x 1.10 feet, mixed media on fibre glass

Pramod G,open seed , 5x 3.5 feet, mixed media on fibre glass

Pramod G,subjects-objects , 14×10 inches, Graphite on paper

Pramod G,three seeds II, 4×1 feet, mixed media on fibre glass