Silent Encounters

Slowly the ghat – amphitheatre unfolds like a nocturnal flower in a dream that opens its petals only at dusk – Keki Daruwalla / CROSS OF RIVERS.

Amit Bhar belongs to the artistic tradition which is inspired by silent moods and contemplative conditions. His images are easy and uncomplicated, caressed by a mysterious but pleasant feeling. There is no room for strong, emotional outbursts in his works, they are never to be touched by anger, apprehension, anguish or bitterness. Instead, Bhar’s are takes the course of a pilgrimage or a spiritual sojourn where negative thoughts are systematically filtered and eliminated; and in their place feelings of all-pervasive love, subtlety and gentle playfulness come to rest.

One look at Bhar’s work, the viewer is immediately drawn to the meditative reflection, unburdened ambiance, nuanced poignancy of an empowered spirit. It is clear that for the artist, creativity is an clear that for the artist, creativity is an act of devotion, an act of connection, and a process of sharing. His paintings are acts of revelation of affection, of softly spoken discourse, of giving as well as receiving. His forms, characters and objects are those anyone would like to befriend – anywhere, any time.

Bhar chooses the realistic mode for his artistic expression – a made that is at once, penetrative, insightful and striking. The artist sees and perceives all things made by man and nature with all the care and grace they deserve. His paintings are filled with hues that not only please the eye, but go beyond. Bhar’s skill lies not only in mixing colours, perfecting the line and forming a texture. It is in capturing the nuance of a magical moment, a silent chant, a personalized mantra. Light is his biggest source of stimulation; the shadow, a willing and worthy companion. As he travels, explores, tests, compares notes, and unravels his mystifying narratives, Bhar is able to transform the truth of his experience in to an endearing visual landscape. Monks, deities, bathers, children – all of them are not mere excuses but intrinsically linked to the whole creative process and outcome. Their relationship with the external world and internal stirring is what gives them the reason to exist and celebrate their living condition.

“We do not learn by experience, but by our capacity to experience,” said Buddha centuries ago. He also taught us how it is better to travel well than to arrive. Bhar’s paintings seem to be feather-touched by such thoughts and ideas.

Giridhar Khasnis

Venue – Gallery Ragini’s art space @ Vivanta by Taj Ambassador
Subramania Bharti Marg, New Delhi -110003
Date – 29th August to 4th October, 2018

Amit Bhar, The Majestic Past, 32×24 Inches, Oil on Canvas

Amit Bhar, The Light from Above, 36×60 Inches, Oil On Canvas

Amit Bhar, The Eternal Pilgrimage, 32×24 Inches, Oil on Canvas

Amit Bhar, Shadows of the Devine, 32×24 Inches, Oil on Canvas

Amit Bhar, Retreat by the Ghats, 30×40 Inches, Oil on Canvas

Amit Bhar, Passage of Time, 30×40 Inches, Oil on Canvas

Amit Bhar, On Looking the Ganges, 32×24 Inches, Oil on Canvas

Amit Bhar, Nirvaan, 36×60 Inches, Oil on Canvas

Amit Bhar, Beyond the Shore, 36×60 Inches, Oil on Canvas

Amit Bhar, Life along the Ghats, 32×24 Inches, Oil on Canvas