Born 1956 in Hyderabad, Jagadish holds a Diploma in Painting from the College of Fine Arts, JNT University in the city and Post Diploma in Mural Design from M.S.University Baroda, where he worked under KG Subramanian amongst others. A fellowship from the Lalit Kala Academy at an early stage in his career enabled him to work at the Garhi artists’ studio in Delhi and it was followed by a British Council and Charles Wallace India Trust Travel Grant for study and research in the UK. In a unique mix of the folk and contemporary aesthetics the artist creates theatrical sculptures, figures and installations using paper pulp, metal and a potpourri of materials in lively colours as well as some two dimensional paintings. Full of wit and fun his people adorn amazing demurs and costumes including hats and holding objects that make telling comments about their character, inter personal relationships and false pretensions. His sculptural figuration with masks and collages, appear somewhat puppet like but full of life. A recipient of the prestigious ‘artist in residence’ fellowship at Lakeside Studio outside of Chicago, he also won the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award and his work has been documented in two major publications brought out recently. Exhibited regularly at major galleries in India, America and Europe, his work can be seen with important public and private collectors in various Indian metros and continents abroad. Jagadish lives and works part of the year in India at Hyderabad, and the rest in the USA, with studio and gallery in both the countries.

Jagdish Chinthala, Missing 3, Acrylic paint on casted Aluminium, 40×30 Inches

Jagdish Chinthala, Missing 4, Acrylic paint on casted Aluminium, 40×30 Inches

Jagdish Chinthala, The Women, Acrylic on Aluminium, 57×44 Inches