Somnath Ray is a graduate from Columbia University, New York and the Design Computation Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (MIT) + Media lab. As the design director of dplay, Ray guides and orchestrates the design explorations between the several collaborators/players. His areas of interest and inquiry involve the production of cultural artifacts from an inventive condition, which he profoundly believes is to be inevitably located outside of the entire human epistemological experience and instead in an emerging wave of artificial and alternative intelligences. Ray’s creative work and research into emergent and autonomous systems entails a paradigmatic meld between philosophy, art and technology.

Somnath Ray, Paracity II, print on archival safe paper, 66x 88 inches

Somnath Ray, Paracity, print on archival paper,29×39 inches

Somnath Ray,The butterfly cloud, Acrylic installation, 4×4 feet diameter