I introduce myself as Aarti Zaveri, an artist, born in the glorious land of Gujarat at Rajkot and am presently settled in New Delhi. Since my early days, capturing human emotions and ethos of Indian cultures, excavating aesthetic treasures hidden in every forms and feelings has been my passion. Not being an ardent follower of any particular art school of thoughts, I have nurtured my thoughts, imaginations and emotions with abundance of colors. I define myself as an “Individualistic” who is inclined to learn from nature and the surroundings. When dawn or sunset spreads scenes of multi-colored vision on the horizon of sky, my tender senses begin to work with oil and colors, transforming lines into lively creations! Enamored of the beauty for bright colors, I have successfully displayed how colors could create beauty!

My portraits of Param Veer Chakra Awardees conspicuously adorn the corridors of the South Block, Ministry of Defense. My other numerous figurative sketches and paintings that have been made over the years have also the recently concluded a series on Masks, that exhibit my love towards oil, colors and strokes in the multimedia and visual art world. As an Artist & Painter, I am poignantly obsessed with colors and paintings. My fantasies and imaginations have always been to depict emerging human emotions, state of emancipation from fear, failures and voids. It has always been my endeavor to portray aspects of human life where love, joy, freedom and ecstasy triumph over harsh circumstances of life. My works speak to rebel against sorrow and depression. My recent work “Pehchaan” on retrospection, depicted through “Mask” is trying to convey that; everyone carries a great light within, a treasure and one needs to introspect and discover their own center. My masks are not telling you to renounce your materialistic wishes, but to renounce the greed, selfishness, jealousy etc. that the mind beholds. It is blocking your way in reaching within yourselves, as I call it the “Center”. Rejoice in the state of not knowing and great wisdom will be released, the peace within you will be awakened. Only that will give you the taste of eternity. I adore bright colors. I strongly believe that bright colours nurse the power to fight away monotony, desolations and despairs of life. My love towards oil, colours and strokes always inspire in me a horizon of visions for creativity and head me towards perfection!

Fragrance of ur luv breezing thru me

Waiting 4r 2 night

wanna sit by u all my lyf

Light breakfast, low Jeans…Perfect style mantra

Satapdru Sovan, Swaying her way, Swaying her way

Cyber queen step out from scrap, Acrylic on Canvas, 40×55 inches

Wanna touch me touch me (I), Acrylic on Paper, 25×30 inches