An Artist Takes A Line For A Walk

…. At first sight these works come across as an engrossed, neo-minimalist sojourn, hovering rather cleverly on the border between textural nuances and formless foundations rooted in the spirit of being…

…She has a subtle symmetry generated by rhythmic movements in creations and this is what is interpreted in her drawings.

Textural Terrain

…. This artist presents deep dialogues into the dictats of abstraction’s Inner realms.

The process of her abstracted pilgrimage is built on the very foundation of how she handles texture on the different mediums that she explores. Look closely and you will see that texture is not an Imaginary rendition-nor is it a utopian Island, but it is a realm that is located within and without the visible territory, that floats in the subconscious existential realms of this manifestations of the mind.

Contemplative Connections

For Gitanjali, allusions of listening to symphonies in the genre of western music create a matrix of illusions. While it is the resonance caused by vibrations that are mirrored in her geometric articulations that give us a deeper sense of a movement towards infinity, even when she creates the thread like nocturnal strokes there is a clear indication of the auratic symbolism of vibrations that surround it.

Monochromes and Minimalism

This show is a testimony to modern minimalism and monochromatic moods. It tells us to step out of our accustomed sloth and look again at the beauty of life we have too often ignored. It is also true that the artist brings a soft sensibility or simply her understanding of minimalism in a different visual culture…

We have a series of works that convey expressionist impressions that quickly unravel…. The sheer quality of images, and the auratic impulse of the individual components, require a kind of focussed, osmotic discipline where the rationality of the subject in question affects the artist’s consciousness…

The term accuracy, the quality that distinguishes these artworks from any other, an accuracy that reflects the experience, the inner awakenings and the silent solitude of being in specific islands of contemplation defines the substance of an abstractionist’s journey. In that episode this series is a delight to the mind and acts as a silent river that flows in the city. Indeed abstraction is about mysterious motivations-then all you need is to take a line for a walk and an alchemy unfolds.

-Uma Nair