Past Shows

A BARGAIN AGREEMENT ( View Images | e-invite)

A solo show of artworks by
Dhanur Goyal along with a session of live drawing/sketching using the gallery walls as his canvas
Venue- Gallery Ragini
Date- 7th- 31st July 2011, 11am- 7pm (Monday to Saturday)

To bargain, to convince, to plead and to reach a consensus- A Bargain Agreement as a show depicts the internal struggle of an artist and his dilemma to find the journey towards self-fulfillment.

Dhanur is a very skilled draftsman whose work tries to explore the changing mental landscape of the human mind .The various human expressions and emotions which mark the distorted forms and colours in his drawings bring to the fore an aesthetic that plays with observation, satire, emotions and expression.

The forms created in Dhanur’s art work suggest a different and unconventional way of interpreting beauty. These forms are so exciting that one almost ignores the aspects of colour and chaos in the works. The nuances of sketching , colour balance or even his monotones leave a deep impact owing to the skillfully drafted faces. Though his works do not directly engage with any one particular social or political issue, it takes on a more individual almost autobiographical role in the term of a mental response or reaction towards the issue that we as human trying to grapple with.

A Bargain Agreement engages with the constant changes that we collectively have to adjust and adhere to. The drawings move from Chaos and Hysteria, to depiction of hope and serenity- emotions every individual would feel in different circumstances and situations, to finally realization and comprehension of life processes, of understanding that everything is, has been and will be in a constant state of Flux. And even in destruction, chaos and bargaining something new and stable is created therefore an agreement or consensus is achieved.

Nidhi Jyoti Jain